[HIRING]: Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

February 1, 2022


Job title: Special Postdoctoral Fellow

Summary: Tim Springer seeks to mentor the next generation of leaders in the mechanisms of extracellular and transmembrane signaling, with an emphasis on allostery, conformational ensembles, single molecules, antibody tool development, and protein therapeutics.

Full description: Candidates are encouraged to develop their own projects they can take with them to start their own laboratories.

Our interests include:

  • Integrins and how they communicate extracellular ligand binding to cytoskeleton assembly and force transduction
  • cryoEM of integrin-ligand complexes (with Alan Brown)
  • Single molecule studies of conformational change kinetics and force transmission (with TJ Ha)
  • Transforming growth factor β and its localized activation at cell surfaces by integrins and proteases
  • Stem cells and developmental pathways
  • Nervous system development and microglia
  • Tyrosine kinases and inside-out signals transmitted by them in transformed cancer cells
  • Therapeutics development using deep biological insights into cell surface receptor conformational change

To apply, please submit a cover letter with details on what project you want to pursue in the body of an email and CV and references as attachments to springer_jobs@crystal.harvard.edu with "TS-Special Postdoctoral Fellow" in the subject field.

Salary: $75,000.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status or disability.


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