Neutrophils roll on E-selectin


Lawrence, M.B. & Springer, T.A. Neutrophils roll on E-selectin. J. Immunol. 151, 11, 6338-6346 (1993).
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Using flow conditions that simulate those in post capillary venules, we have found that neutrophils attach and roll on a substrate bearing purified E-selectin. E-selectin resembles P-selectin (CD62) with regard to the dependence of attachment efficiency on wall shear stress and selectin density. In contrast, once attached, neutrophils form rolling adhesions on E-selectin that are much stronger than those on P-selectin. Rolling velocities on E-selectin are slower and have less variance than on P-selectin. With increasing shear stress, rolling velocities reach a plateau level that is dependent on E-selectin density, suggesting that the number of receptor-ligand bonds and the bond dissociation rate limit rolling velocity, and that the bonds are not broken by the applied force.


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